cap ou pas cap
Anonymous: I miss your blog posts!! Hope you're having fun and enjoying life in Brooklyn though :)

this is the sweetest! once i’m settled in nicely, i shall be back!!


J House - Aoki Jun

ten days til costa rica

brooklyn digs 🌕☁️
my bedroom gets the most amazing light all day

Leo: This week will be all about mornings, all about the sunrise, all about dark skies breaking into light. Everything bad in your life can crack wide open; all the shadows inside your head can melt away, for now. This is so lucky and it’s so good and it’s going to be easier to live than it’s been in a while. You can watch your world brighten, you can dream so big, or you can just let your heart breathe. You can spend your days with your friends, you can spend your days just in love with the world.

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love chevron flooring