cap ou pas cap


the moon is half full, my heart is too

it’s a half moon but my heart is full this time

i shot a video with Glam while I was in San Francisco and it’s finally here!!!!!

ps i’m back
Anonymous: dang bae bae. did you have meltdowns photo crits in art school? seems like you cant handle any comments from people that probably didnt mean something in a bad way. just sayin.

i didn’t mean to sound mad or anything, i totally get what they were saying — it’s so hard to capture tone through text!! it’s just that i don’t have space for lights and i quite like working with natural light at the mo :) ps i didn’t go to art school xox


one step at a time.

i love this so much
Anonymous: You only shoot with natural light? I can understand having an aesthetic, but you're really limiting yourself as a photographer.

am i? i know a lot of great photographers who choose to shoot with only/mostly natural light and they’re killin’ it. i’ll get lights at some point — i just don’t feel the need currently

forever eating at cute cafés (at Bluestone Lane Collective Café)
things for a long weekend
Anonymous: your photography is so damn beautiful! I'm creepily stalking your blog now, hope you can make more posts soon! xx

thank you! shooting some blog posts tomorrow! was going to today but then the sun went down. oops

yesterday i pretended to be a teen witch