cap ou pas cap

Anonymous asks: just want to say that you are my style icon. actually, human being icon.

this literally made my day. this is so sweet; thank you so much xo

i had the most perfect late lunch 

Par La Roy
Anonymous asks: Hi hello! I was curious to know how old you are. I hope this isn't a creepy question!

i’m 25! ^____^

q+a on my blog (via the dauphine)
Leo: Oh wow, you put your outfit together amazingly today. Perfectly curated.
seems about right ^_____^

today is a great day because my babe is comin’ to visit!!!!!! 

i’ve got a situation on my hands 
Anonymous asks: I want to send you love and hugs and cookies! You are awesome

this is very sweet, thank you! ^___^

Anonymous asks: Not to be a creep but what does the rest of your home look like? All I ever see is like 1-3 sq ft max ever of a bed or a table or a wall. I can't tell what your interior flavors are like at all besides ... white stuff & mirrors. Is it shabby chic, modern, vintage, or something else?

this is my style (my old place). i’m actually about to move to sf so when i get situated in my new place i’ll do another post like that!

tonights attire⚡️🌸✨
Anonymous asks: you are so qt and seem happy ^___^

this is so sweet! i’m so happy! 


+47° 35’ 8.56”, +1° 19’ 52.55”
hiya! i got some new headphones today! 
frensch asks: I ship you with me because otp


*fans self*

i wanna eat all the food w you