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Anonymous asks: Not to be a creep but what does the rest of your home look like? All I ever see is like 1-3 sq ft max ever of a bed or a table or a wall. I can't tell what your interior flavors are like at all besides ... white stuff & mirrors. Is it shabby chic, modern, vintage, or something else?

this is my style (my old place). i’m actually about to move to sf so when i get situated in my new place i’ll do another post like that!

Anonymous asks: when will there be pictures? that other person asked in not the best way but yeah its kinda disappointing when youre like "guys look this photo im queueing all these posts" and then we get nada. youre leading us on. >:×

i posted the blog post about that lipstick yesterday and did a weekly review today. sigh

tonights attire⚡️🌸✨
Anonymous asks: When you will do this post answering all the questions?


i’m getting a ton of q’s on my diet / daily makeup routine / haircare / life / etc! sooo i’m going to do a post answering a bunch of this stuff. if there is anything you wanna know, ask!

Anonymous asks: you are so qt and seem happy ^___^

this is so sweet! i’m so happy! 


+47° 35’ 8.56”, +1° 19’ 52.55”

waking up early is my new favorite thing

hiya! i got some new headphones today! 
frensch asks: I ship you with me because otp


*fans self*

i wanna eat all the food w you 

Anonymous asks: Yes, for iOS. And your favorite games, what are they? (iOS)

i don’t really play any games on iOS. the only ones i have installed are TwoDots and Bicolor!

Anonymous asks: how do you make your work unique when there are hundreds of thousands of lifestyle photogs of cute food & jewelry posed on tables & floors? (btw not shade, this is ttly srs question.)

haha, thank you for the clarification ♡

i’m not really sure actually. i kind of just put myself into everything i do — whether it’s staged jewelry and makeup or a meal that i’m actually eating. i’m very particular, so maybe that helps? i’m just passionate. i put so much thought into things. i overanalyze everything. nothing i post is just a photo. they’re all very much reflections of me and who i am at that point in my life. 

Be with someone that requires you to grow, makes you forget your problems, holds your hand, likes to kiss, appreciates art, and adores you.

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Pablo Picasso, Nude, 1931
Anonymous asks: Can you tell us all the vsco filters you like to use --- your pictures are flawless.

thank you! most often i use C1, M5, 04, F1, J2! there are probably a few others but those are my favs off the top of my head!